Workflow/Business Solutions

At SWF Central, we believe in providing our customers with just what they need for their business--the right machines, the right software, the right accessories, the right consumables.

We understand that the embroidery process starts with what is going to be embroidered. For that obvious need, we include full digitizing software which takes the image to be embroidered and creates stitching which then is interpreted and executed by the embroidery machine. The software also will do lettering, monogramming and digitizing from any artwork by storing an image and converting it to stitches. We also include stock designs that give the customer a library of designs to offer its customers. These designs are “stitch ready”.

The next part of the process is taking the garment and hooping it for the machine. The hoop secures the garment so that it can be utilized for stitching. SWF Central includes the best hooping station in the industry and a comprehensive starter kit.

Our starter kit is very comprehensive and includes the necessary items for each part of embroidering – thread, backing, bobbins, scissors, and more, including:

Better yet, most everything is included with machinery from SWF Central – double sets of hoops (for each head), all standard sizes of hoops (usually about 5 different sizes), flat sash frame, and cap hoops.

SWF Central also supports equipment purchasers with dedicated customer support in the form of a certified technician who comes to your facility to set up your new machine and train you, not only on the workings of the machine itself, but also on basic machine maintenance, setting up a job and more.

Customers can also take advantage of our “ultimate” or “pro” package that includes a cutter and heat press. Cutters have many applications including vinyl work (signs, stickers, etc), appliqué fabric, rhinestones, heat transfers, and much more. We carry the distinguished Roland family of cutters and printer/cutters. And Stahl’s Hotronix heat press.