SWF / D-W1201-100

Machine Features:

  • Memory Capacity: 2 million stitch memory capacity and 99 design memory capacity.
  • Rotate, Mirror Image Conversion: All designs can be converted into symmetry by turning 0° - 359°.
  • Scale Up/Down: Within the range of 50~200%, the machine can extend and reduce by 1% to X or Y direction.
  • Built-in 3.5" FDD: FDD is installed in the machine, which can save 480,000 stitches / 233 designs at maximum per 2HD floppy disk so input and output for various designs are available. (Both 2DD and 2HD can be used).The machine can read and save disks with SWF format, which is compatible with different formatted designs from other company codes by automatic recognition. It is also very convenient to output data with the codes of other companies.
  • Manual/Automatic Offset: During the embroidery work for apply and frame change, the frame can be returned to the previous position with only simple key operation. If you designate automatic offset position in the setting mode, it can be returned to the previous offset position after finishing embroidery work.
  • Origin Return / Frame Offset: During the embroidery work, the frame returns to the starting point of design, and if there is any problem occurred, you can make the frame go back for the correct embroidery work.
  • Tracing: For accurate position of embroidery, the machine traces the outline of design before starting main operation.
  • Automatic returns to the suspension point after power failure: When unexpected power failure occurs, it can search for the exact suspension spot automatically for continuous operation to prevent from inferiority of production.
  • Floating: The frame can process both forward and backward without stitching by units of 1, 100, 1000 and 10000 stitches or by color code.