SWF / CE-61201-50
Class 4 Chenille and 12 Needle Embroidery Machine

The Chenille Embroidery Machine from SWF provides high productivity achieved by ultra-precise control. Featuring 1,000 rpm in standard embroidery and 600 rpm in chenille embroidery, this machine can meet various consumer demands for embroidery work. The Chenille Embroidery Machine gives creation of high value with added embroidery work by applying different variations in embroidery.

Machine Features:

  • 12 needle system
  • Selection of embroidery method
  • Needle bar height setting
  • Chenille embroidery trimming
  • Expanded memory size
  • Mirror image conversion and design direction
  • Enlarging and reduction design
  • Automatic selection of needle bar
  • General / Special repetition work
  • Automatic / Manual offset
  • Return to start point
  • Float stitch function
  • Frame backward
  • Automatic trimming
  • Editing function