SWF / B-T1202D
Class 2 Two Head Dual Function Machine

The SWF / B-T1202D Dual Function Automatic Embroidery Machine is ideal for the start-up to mid-size embroidery shop. Highly productive and efficient, this machine features exclusive patented technology that allows for embroidering two different designs simultaneously on either flat or tubular format.

Machine Features:

  • 6.4 inch high resolution LCD
  • Sewing Field: 360 x 270 mm
  • Reads 3.5" floppy drives
  • 2 USB drives for loading designs from USB flash drives
  • On-screen prompts guide you through every step
  • Rotate or Mirror Image
  • Scale designs up or down - from 50% to 200%
  • Manual/automatic offset - frame can easily be returned to the previous position by selecting the option, or set to automatically return to the previous offset position when a job is completed.
  • Origin Return - easily return to the starting point of the design
  • Tracing - Laser traces design to ensure accurate placement before ever sewing a stitch!
  • Floating - Moves frame forward or backward through design without stitching by units of 1, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 stitches, or by color code.