Embroidery Machines

For customers new to the embroidery machine industry, it is helpful to have an understanding of the classes of single-head embroidery machines and how they may meet your needs. Below are the major classes of single-head machinery:

Class 1: Tabletop / Portable Arm Style Frame small arm frame, quasi-industrial, typically less than 100 pounds, plastic housing, light duty motors, smaller sewing area, usually limited sewing area for caps.

Class 2: Compact Arm Style Frame medium arm frame, entry level industrial, typically around 150-200 pounds, compact control system, no support table or non-adjustable table normally needed for excess fabric hanging down, large field cap system. Good for samples, names, event or kiosk business, limited footprint for real estate sensitive facilities.

Class 3: Full Size Arm Style Frame largest arm frame, industrial grade, typically 300 pounds, full commercial controller, adjustable support table, larger motors, wider sewing area than Class 2. First true 3-way convertible machine than can run 3 shifts.

Class 4: Full Size Bridge Style Frame same open back frame design as multi-head machines, most industrious commercial single-head on the market, most versatile frame, high capacity motors and cooling systems, adjustable support table, sturdy and virtually vibration-free frame. This is the most preferred model for customers who are using the equipment as a production machine where space is not such a significant factor. Capable of running 3 shifts.

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